A+D Projects
the internal design agency of PSU's School of Art + Design


We are the student powered design studio for the School of Art + Design!

The Studio

The Studio

Come and work with us!

A+D Projects is the in-house studio for the School of Art+Design at Portland State University. With the faculty and organizations of the School as our clients, we adopt an agency structure for students and the relationships between clients and designers. We work in many different ways, chasing opportunities to work in groups or one-on-one with clients, depending on the scope of the projects submitted. Our team comes together regularly to discuss in-studio activities and to talk about progress and process of current projects.

Although we have different clients and work flow, we as a studio seek to foster internal collaboration. Small or large, our designers love to receive new work. Have a project? We would love to work with you! Please visit our project submission page for more information on how to get started with us.